Cannabis gummies blamed for spate of hospitalizations in Tokyo

TOKYO, Nov 15 (News On Japan) - Several young people in Tokyo have recently been sent to hospital after complaining of feeling sick from consuming "cannabis gummies".

A call was made to emergency services on Nov 3 from Oshiage Station on the Tobu Skytree Line in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, reporting that "four men and women are feeling unwell."

Four people in their twenties felt ill on the train and were taken to a hospital after disembarking. One of them reportedly told the Tokyo Metropolitan Police that they had eaten "cannabis gummies" before boarding the train.

Their lives are not in danger.

In another case on Nov 4 at the 'Musashino Hara Festival' held in Musashino Park, Koganei City, Tokyo, five people aged from their teens to fifties reported feeling unwell and were hospitalized after eating "gummies" distributed by a man in his forties.

The man who distributed the gummies told Tokyo Metropolitan Police, "I thought they would make people feel energetic."

Those taken to the hospital were discharged on the same day and the following day, and are not currently in serious condition.

According to the festival's organizing committee, between three and four thousand people attended the event. They commented, "We are in the process of understanding the situation by coordinating with the police and those affected. We deeply apologize for causing concern to everyone."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said there was no connection between the two cases, but both are being investigated for the possibility of containing cannabis-derived ingredients in the "gummies."

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