Top Kabukicho host busted for punching female customer, stealing cash

TOKYO, Nov 16 (News On Japan) - A Kabukicho host with the highest monthly sales in Tokyo's red light district has been arrested for assaulting a female customer who owed him money.

The 35-year-old host is suspected of punching the woman in her 30s in the face inside a car in September, threatening her with "You still have money, right?", before stealing 100,000 yen that he forced her to withdraw from an ATM.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the suspect became the number one host at his club in August. However, the woman had spent about 5 million yen in a month to contribute to his sales.

The host met with the woman to collect the debt and, after receiving 200,000 yen from her, he forced her to withdraw an additional 100,000 yen.

During the investigation, he admitted to hitting her and taking the cash but denied that he had intimidated her.