Tokyo's Imperial Palace opens for autumn

TOKYO, Nov 25 (News On Japan) - Inui Street, the famed autumn walk within the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo, opened to the public from Saturday.

As the Sakashita gate opened at 9 am, the 300 or so people who had been lining up started their journey down Inui Street, 750 meters to Inui gate. Good weather on the first day saw visitors enjoying the beginning of the autumn foliage, taking lots of photos.

The general opening will take place over 9 days until Dec 3. While security checks are conducted at the entrance, no reservations are required and anyone can visit.

The Imperial Household Agency expects about 200,000 visitors during this period, which is double last year's.

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Hankyu Railways announced on the 26th that it will introduce a reserved seating service on the Kyoto Line starting this July.

Visiting Japan is on a lot of people’s bucket list due to the culture, the busy city, and sights to see in every direction you turn. It’s a never ending adventure whilst in Japan, and one you could spend forever there and still not visit every location.

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