Japan's 2023 buzzword of the year is all about winning

Japan Times -- Dec 02

The Japan Series was not the only thing the Hanshin Tigers won this year, with “A.R.E” — based on the Japanese word “are,” meaning “that” — crowned buzzword of the year, after team manager Akinobu Okada popularized the term as an indirect reference to victory.

“Are” began being used to avoid saying “win” out loud in an effort to not jinx the team’s chances of winning the league championship. It later morphed into A.R.E., an acronym that became the team’s slogan for the year, standing for Aim, Respect and Empower. It appeared to work its magic, with the team, the subject of a supposed KFC-related curse, winning its first Japan Series in 38 years.

“Baseball is a team sport so you can’t do it alone — by continuing to win games thanks to everyone’s effort, in Kansai, newspapers and media would introduce the term ‘are’ every single day, leading to a way bigger response than I ever imagined,” Okada said. “It really hyped up Kansai and the sports industry as a whole — I’m glad to have been able to contribute even a little to that.” ...continue reading

Dec 02 (テレ東BIZ) - 2023年の新語・流行語大賞が発表され、大賞に、38年ぶりに関西地方を熱狂させたあの言葉が選ばれました。  ...continue reading

Aichi Medical University has announced that due to a computer error during the admissions process using the results of the unified university entrance examination, 80 applicants who should have progressed to the second stage of the medical school entrance examination were mistakenly deemed ineligible.

A controversy has arisen over the practice of bringing furikake (a Japanese rice seasoning) to school lunches at a middle school in Hyogo Prefecture.

The University of Tokyo has decided to establish a new 5-year educational program in the fall of 2027, aiming to nurture talent capable of solving global societal issues such as decarbonization.

In a lawsuit filed by Kyoto University seeking the eviction of students residing in part of the Yoshida Dormitory, considered the oldest student dormitory in Japan, the students have achieved a partial victory.