New firm managing ex-Johnny's performers named Starto Entertainment

TOKYO, Dec 09 (Kyodo) - The new firm established to manage Johnny & Associates Inc. performers unveiled its company name Friday as Starto Entertainment Inc., in a bid to start afresh following a sex abuse scandal involving the late founder of the former male talent agency.

The company name, selected from among more than 140,000 suggestions from fans, is derived from "star(s)," referring to current and prospective performers, and "to" in Japanese, which means "with," the firm said, vowing to commit to supporting each performer's talents and personal goals.

Atsushi Fukuda, chief executive of consulting firm Speedy Inc. and former vice president at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc., has assumed the role of chief executive, the new firm said, adding it will start full-fledged operations from next April.

Dec 09 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 旧ジャニーズ事務所をめぐる新たな動きがあった。 性加害問題で閉店したジャニーズショップが、店名を変え、およそ2カ月ぶりにオープンした。  ...continue reading

"Debt Completely Forgiven!? – such advertisements, implying that anyone can reduce their debt, are familiar to many.

A ceremony marking the start of collaboration between JR Freight, which handles cargo transportation by rail, and Nestle Japan, a food manufacturer dealing with products like coffee, was held on Wednesday afternoon, to mark the start of regular mid-distance transportation from Nestle's factory in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture to Osaka City in February, a first for Japan's food and beverage industry.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, a major non-life insurance company, will offer the industry's first insurance for frozen eggs starting in April.

In this year's Shunto (spring wage negotiations), Honda and Mazda provided full responses to their labor unions on the 21st, marking the earliest responses among major automakers. Both companies plan to implement wage increases at a high level, and the focus is on whether this trend will spread further.