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Fatality rate for those aged 80 or older tops 11%

Apr 21 (NHK) - Japan's health ministry says more than 11 percent of those in their 80s or older with coronavirus infection have died.

The ministry said the number of people with confirmed infections in Japan stood at over 10,600 as of 6 p.m. Sunday.

By age group, people in their 50s were the largest with over 1,800.

They're followed by people in their 40s and 20s with over 1,700, and over 1,600 for people in their 30s.

Of those who were confirmed to be infected, 171, or 1.6 percent, died.

People aged 80 or over topped the list with 87, followed by those in their 70s at 50, those in their 60s at 21, those in their 50s at seven, and those in their 30s and 40s at two each.

This means that the fatality rate is 11.1 percent for those in their 80s or older, 5.2 percent for those in their 70s, and 1.7 percent for those in their 60s.

The ministry said the figures show the elderly are at higher risk of developing serious symptoms from the virus.


or as long as Shohei Ohtani plays for the Dodgers -- which will be at least for the next decade -- May 17 will be known as “Shohei Ohtani Day” in Los Angeles County. (MLB)

Two residents of Sapporo who died earlier this month likely succumbed to food poisoning caused by mistakenly consuming toxic autumn crocus, according to the Sapporo City Health Department. The department confirmed on May 17 that the deaths were indeed due to poisoning from this plant.

A revised Civil Code introducing 'joint custody' for children after divorce has been passed by the Diet. This marks the first time in 77 years that Japan has reviewed the approach to post-divorce custody.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested three leaders of the political group 'Tsubasa Party' on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act by disrupting the speeches of other candidates during a House of Representatives by-election in Tokyo's 15th district. Investigators view this as a "challenge to democracy" and plan to pursue a thorough investigation.

An event allowing visitors to experience life in 2050 has launched in Tokyo, including an elevator which enables transportation to space via a cable extending from a satellite to Earth.



An estimated 68,000 elderly people die alone in Japan each year, according to recent data. From January to March this year, about 17,000 people aged 65 and over were found deceased in their homes.

A pilot in his 80s explained that he 'forgot to lower the landing gear,' leading to a belly landing of a small propeller plane at Fukui Airport on May 15. The incident has been classified as a "serious incident" by national authorities.

A ranking of the 'most livable places' in the Tokyo metropolitan area has been announced. While the top three remained unchanged from last year, Katase-Enoshima Station made its debut at fourth place in this year's survey.

An explosion in central Kyoto on Thursday morning has left two injured and caused significant disruptions. The scene immediately after the fire was captured on video, with loud sirens blaring and the area filled with thick smoke, reducing visibility to less than 20 meters.

Two men have been arrested for throwning a friend off a pier causing him to drown during a birthday party in Yaiz, Shizuoka Prefecture.

An American man has been arrested and sent to prosecutors on charges of robbery and assault after attacking a man on the streets of Nishinari Ward, Osaka, stealing cash.

In Osaka, a public bathhouse famous for its painted Mt. Fuji mural underwent a much-anticipated restoration on May 15, the first in seven years.

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for pushing two men from the platform onto the tracks.