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Value in Japan? Where investors can still find mispriced opportunities

TOKYO, Jul 18 ( - Since Warren Buffett got involved, the world has gone crazy for Japan. The Nikkei is up 23.4% for the year to date (to 10 July 2023).

That puts it 8.8%, 11.2% and 25.8% ahead of the S&P 500, Eurostoxx 50 and FTSE 100 respectively. Investors might well conclude that the easy gains have been made and look elsewhere.

The reasons for the success of the Japanese market for the year to date have been well-documented. Japan was later to emerge from Covid, and is now experiencing the economic upswing of reopening. It has finally laid deflation to rest, with rising prices and wages now a feature across the economy. However, more important have been the structural reforms that are finally galvanising Japan’s stolid corporate sector.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has been promoting the soft requirement of a price-to-book ratio above one, alongside a raft of other measures to encourage better capital efficiency among Japanese corporates. With around half the Japanese index trading below book value, the move could be important in encouraging companies to unwind their cash piles and improve their return on equity. ...continue reading

News On Japan

The Emperor and Empress of Japan have arrived in the UK for an official visit aimed at strengthening friendly relations. This marks the Emperor's first state visit to the UK in 26 years since 1998.

According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 28.3% of women born in 1975 in Japan are childless, the highest rate among member countries.

The long-standing seniority-based system in Japanese companies is being phased out. Many have considered it natural to rise with age, but there have been times when people desired recognition based on ability. With this deeply ingrained system now under review, will the decision by a major bank change Japan's corporate culture?

In a significant ruling regarding the estate of businessman 'Kishu Don Juan,' the court declared on Friday the will, which states that his 1.3 billion yen estate be donated entirely to the city, to be valid. Relatives had contested the will's validity, but the court dismissed their claims.

A controversy has erupted over the sale of high-priced premium seats at the Gion Festival. Yasaka Shrine's chief priest has expressed concern over the decision to sell premium seats for 150,000 yen each, stating, "This is not a show."


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As the streets of Asakusa bustle with rickshaws, some pullers are earning as much as 1.27 million yen a month. However, this seemingly lucrative career has a challenging side.

The term 'yuru-black' is becoming increasingly common among younger workers, reflecting a nuanced workplace reality.

The 24-hour unmanned sweets shops have gained immense popularity, expanding to 98 stores nationwide in just a year and a half. What is the secret behind their success? We spoke with the 29-year-old founder and CEO to find out.

Suzuyo Group, based in Shizuoka, is a multifaceted enterprise with a history spanning over 200 years. Known for its extensive involvement in logistics across land, sea, and air, the group also operates in sectors such as trading, construction, food, and regional development. The conglomerate comprises 139 companies.

The United States has put Japan back on a currency monitoring list because it maintains wide trade and current account surpluses. (NHK)

Japan's National Tax Agency revealed that the amount of tax evasion uncovered in cases prosecuted by the Special Investigation Department, known as 'Marusa,' across Japan last year amounted to approximately 8.9 billion yen.

A Vietnamese employee has won the national customer service contest hosted by Seven-Eleven, marking the first time a foreign national has taken the top prize in the competition.

US investment fund Blackstone says it's acquiring the Japanese operator of major online manga provider Mecha Comic. The aim is to tap the growing global market. (NHK)