Business | Feb 06

FamilyMart Introduces Robots to Ease Workload

TOKYO, Feb 06 (News On Japan) - In an innovative step towards addressing the labor shortage and streamlining operations, FamilyMart has begun the rollout of multifunctional robots across 300 stores nationwide by the end of this month.

The robots, designed to perform tasks such as mopping floors, represent a leap forward in automating routine tasks traditionally carried out by staff members. This initiative not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the workload on human employees.

Looking ahead, FamilyMart plans to incorporate AI cameras that will enable store managers to remotely monitor store conditions and direct staff to restock items as needed. Murai Ritsuo, an executive at FamilyMart, emphasizes the importance of this digital shift, stating, "As Japan's working population continues to decline, it's essential that we promote a digital shift while coexisting with robots."

The ambition doesn't stop here; FamilyMart is also exploring the development of technology that would allow robots to autonomously decide when to restock items. This forward-thinking strategy aims to further alleviate the burden on store staff and streamline operations, showcasing FamilyMart's commitment to innovation and adaptation in the face of changing labor dynamics.

Source: TBS

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