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Legendary Hostess Himika Announces Her Inauguration as President of "CLUB RAISE"

TOKYO, Feb 12 (News On Japan) - Himeka, a hostess at CLUB RAISE, part of the Ace Group in Kita-Shinchi, Osaka, updated her Instagram on February 11th to announce that she will be taking on the role of president of the company starting February 15th.


On this day, Himeka declared, "As of February 15th, I have assumed the position of president at Club Raise." She explained the circumstances, saying, "It wasn't my idea, nor did it come from President Ayata (Takeshi), but rather from Representative Tomi (@tomi.fuk) of Raise, who asked me to return as president and make the girls shine even more." She expressed her surprise, "I didn't expect to be asked in such a way, but I am happy to think that I can work with everyone again, which was the only regret I had when I stepped back from the front line. It will be a new challenge for me to become someone who makes my teammates shine, even more than when I was a player, and I am determined to do so."

Furthermore, she stated, "As a manager, I am truly a freshman. I don't expect everyone at Raise to trust and rely on me right away," but she vowed, "I will earn the trust and confidence of each of my teammates through my actions. Now that I've made this decision, I will definitely see it through, so please watch me." She continued, "I will be a president in my own way, different from President Ayata and President Noah. And I will create the best team and club in Japan!!"

Himeka, who began working at a cabaret club at the age of 18, quickly rose to the No. 1 spot within approximately three months of joining, despite not being able to drink alcohol, due to her natural beauty. Known by the nickname "azato kawaii," she achieved over 53 million yen in sales in just three hours after transferring to CLUB RAISE in April 2022, and recorded over 100 million yen in sales in about 12 hours. At her last birthday event held in October 2023, she surpassed 500 million yen in sales over three days, leaving a significant mark on the front lines.

Source: modelpress

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