Society | Feb 21

"Cat Day" in Japan

TOKYO, Feb 21 (News On Japan) - February 22nd is celebrated as "Cat Day" in Japan, with owners generously dishing out special treats for the nation's second most popular pet.

A survey by Intage reveals that 23.8% of households have pets, with dogs being the most popular (40.2%), followed by cats (35.1%).

The pet food market in Japan has seen an 11.7 percentage point increase compared to the previous year, with cat food showing significant growth. In particular, cat treat sales have approximately doubled in the last five years. Additionally, awareness of pet evacuation plans in case of disasters has risen, with 89% of respondents having some plan, a 4-point increase from last year. This heightened awareness is attributed to the Noto Peninsula earthquake, which emphasized the importance of pet evacuation. An increasing number of people have indicated that they would live with their pets in a car or a tent outdoors in such situations.

February 22nd is celebrated as Cat Day in Japan because the date, 2/22, can be pronounced as "ni ni ni" in Japanese, which sounds similar to the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's meow, "nyan nyan nyan." The Japan Pet Food Association officially established Cat Day in 1987 to promote the well-being of cats and to encourage people to adopt and care for them.

Source: ANN


The Imperial Household Agency has announced that Princess Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, is scheduled to visit Greece in late May to promote international goodwill.

The Taiji Town Whale Museum in Wakayama Prefecture conducted a memorial service on Tuesday for marine mammals and fish that have died in captivity.

A startling projection has been unveiled, suggesting that if current trends continue, every Japanese person might eventually be named 'Sato'.


Four men have been arrested by Tokyo police for allegedly recruiting women for prostitution in the United States via a website, promising encounters with affluent clients and high earnings.

For the first time in 73 years, Japan has unveiled a newly constructed whaling mother ship, equipped with drone technology for whaling operations in the Antarctic Sea.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Nara Prefecture has disciplined its former Youth Division Chief following a controversial dance party incident.

Residents of Japan's oldest student dormitory, self-managed for over 100 years, are digging in as Kyoto University attempts to evict them from the premises.

A Japan Airlines flight en route from Melbourne to Narita Airport encountered sudden severe turbulence on April 1, causing injuries to several cabin crew, including a broken leg.