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Deep-Sea Plastic Waste Around Japan 27 Times Global Average

TOKYO, Mar 07 (News On Japan) - Plastic waste, blending into the darkness of the deep sea, continues to increase and may soon have a significant impact on our lives.

At a depth of 2,400 meters in Suruga Bay, a white object fluttering in the water is a plastic bag.

Similar sightings have been confirmed worldwide, even at depths exceeding 10,000 meters in the Mariana Trench.

While plastic waste in the ocean is often imagined as being washed up on beaches or floating on the surface, most of it sinks to the deep sea, becoming eternal trash and leading to severe environmental pollution.

The seas around Japan, influenced by ocean currents, have become a gathering place for trash. The amount of microplastics broken down into tiny particles is said to be 27 times the global average.

Research is ongoing, and in January 2024, it was demonstrated that plastics in the deep sea can also be decomposed by microorganisms.

Ryota Nakajima, a senior researcher at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, says, "Japan uses a lot of plastic. Efforts to reduce single-use plastics are definitely necessary. It's an issue that requires everyone in the world to cooperate and establish measures to prevent trash from leaking into the sea."

Source: ANN


Makoto Nishimoto, a former Miyazaki City councilor who goes by the name Super Crazy Kun, has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for forcibly taking a woman in her 30s, whom he knew, into a hotel in Miyazaki City last September and assaulted her by restraining her arms and committing non-consensual intercourse resulting in injury.

NTT has unveiled Japan's first technology aimed at improving the power efficiency of data centers, which are known for their high heat generation and substantial power consumption.

A pair of premium melons from Yubari City in northern Japan has fetched 3 million yen in the first auction of the year. That's about 19,000 dollars. The luxury fruit is a popular gift in the country. (NHK)

A new facial recognition system, set to be widely used at next year's Osaka-Kansai Expo, has been unveiled.

Shohei Ohtani has reportedly purchased a mansion worth approximately 1.2 billion yen near Dodger Stadium, according to local media.



JR Central has announced that it will commence full-scale tunnel excavation for a section of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen in Kanagawa Prefecture starting on the 27th. This marks the first time a tunnel will be fully excavated at great depth between Tokyo and Nagoya.

A new facial recognition system, set to be widely used at next year's Osaka-Kansai Expo, has been unveiled.

Professor Kenjiro Kimura of Kobe University, who also serves as the CEO of Integral Geometry Science, has made a groundbreaking discovery in applied mathematics by solving an unsolved problem and inventing the world's first 'through-object visualization technology.'

Tokyo-based startup Innovative Space Carrier Inc. will develop a reusable satellite launch rocket in partnership with a U.S rocket engine maker, aiming for commercial use by around 2030. (Kyodo)

A next-generation vertical take-off and landing aircraft took to the skies of Tokyo for the first time on Friday. (NHK)

An event allowing visitors to experience life in 2050 has launched in Tokyo, including an elevator which enables transportation to space via a cable extending from a satellite to Earth.

The supercomputer 'Fugaku' has achieved the world’s top ranking in two categories for the ninth consecutive term.

A potentially new bee species has been identified by staff at the Tochigi Prefectural Museum, sparking a call for more specimens on social media after initially collecting only six.