Death penalty to stand for woman convicted of murdering 2 men

鳥取連続不審死事件 上田美由紀被告の死刑が確定

Japan Today -- Jul 28
The death sentence given to a woman convicted of murdering two men in the western Japan prefecture of Tottori in 2009 is set to be finalized after the Supreme Court upheld lower court rulings Thursday.
The top court said in its ruling that the defendant carried out the premeditated and "cruel crimes based on firm intentions to kill" and she bears "grave criminal responsibility."

According to the lower court rulings, Miyuki Ueta, a 43-year-old former bar worker, drugged truck driver Kazumi Yabe, 47, and drowned him in the sea in April 2009 and she drugged and drowned in a river electronics store owner Hideki Maruyama, 57, in October of the same year.

Jul 28 (ANNnewsCH) - 鳥取連続不審死事件の裁判で、上田美由紀被告(43)の死刑が確定することになりました。 元スナック従業員の上田被告は2009年、借金の返済などを免れるため、矢部和実さん(当時47)と円山秀樹さん(当時57)に睡眠導入剤を飲ませて溺死(できし)させた罪などに問われています。

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