Japan, Britain sign post-Brexit trade deal
NHK -- Oct 24
Tokyo and London have agreed the UK's first big post-Brexit trade deal as Britain pushes to keep its economy on track after leaving the European Union.

Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu and British Trade Secretary Elizabeth Truss signed the agreement in Tokyo on Friday.

It follows over four months of negotiations often carried out by video-conference due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu said " We intend to use this agreement as an important base to promote bilateral trade and investment between Japan and the UK, and to further strengthen and develop Japan's relationship with the UK as a strategic global partner."

British International Trade Secretary Elizabeth Truss said "How fitting it is to be in the land of the rising sun to welcome in the dawn of a new era of free trade. This is the first new free trade deal to be agreed since the UK once again became an independent trading nation."

The pact is similar to a Japan-EU trade deal that kicked in last year. Both remove tariffs on Japanese cars by 2026.

Japan's government expects to get early approval from the Diet so its UK deal can start from January 1.

Britain is due finish its transition from the EU at the end of this year.

日本政府とイギリス政府は優遇関税などを定める経済連携協定への正式署名を行いました。  茂木外務大臣:「この協定を日英間の貿易投資のさらなる促進に加え、グローバルな戦略的パートナーである日英の関係をさらに強化・発展していくための重要な基盤にしたい」  イギリスからはトラス国際貿易大臣が来日し、署名式に臨みました。日英EPA(経済連携協定)はイギリスがEU(ヨーロッパ連合)から離脱したことで日本とEUの間の優遇関税などの経済協定が適用できなくなることから、新たに結ばれるものです。内容は日本とEUの協定をほぼ踏襲していて、日本から輸出する乗用車の関税を段階的に引き下げ、2026年には撤廃するなどとしています。今後はそれぞれの国会での承認が必要で、日本では来週からの臨時国会で審議され、来年1月1日の発効を目指します。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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