More snow to come, but no buildup in central Tokyo

NHK -- Jan 24
Weather officials are warning of more snow in the areas surrounding Tokyo, mainly in mountainous regions. But they say it is unlikely to accumulate in central Tokyo as the temperatures at high altitude did not dip as much as expected.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says a low-pressure system and a weather front have brought snow to the Kanto-Koshin region.

They say in the 24 hours to Monday morning, up to 25 centimeters of snow is expected to fall in Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures and 20 centimeters in mountainous parts of Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures and Tokyo.

Ten centimeters of snow is forecast for the plains in northern Kanto and 5 centimeters for the plains in southern Kanto.

Weather officials say the snow is expected to continue overnight.

They are urging people to be prepared for possible disruptions to transportation due to snow and ice, and to be careful while walking on icy roads. They are also warning that a buildup of snow could cause greenhouses to collapse.

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