Anonymous man gives school 1 million yen with letter saying 'Don't lose to Corona'

中学校に100万円入った封筒 「コロナに負けるな」

KITAKYUSHU, May 28 (NewsOnJapan) - An anonymous man has sent 1 million yen in cash to a junior high school in Fukuoka prefecture as a donation, accompanied by a letter saying "Don't lose to Corona".

On 13 May, the man visited Kiyase Junior High School in Kitakyushu City by taxi and handed an envelope to the clerical staff, saying, "I want you to give it to the principal."

Inside the envelope was a letter with 1 million yen in cash and the words "Don't lose to Corona. Please help the children. Graduates of 1950."

May 28 (ANNnewsCH) - 福岡県の中学校に匿名の男性から寄付金として現金100万円が届けられました。現金には「コロナに負けるな」という手紙が添えられていました。  ...continue reading

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