What you need to know before registering on a dating site

newsonjapan.com -- Jul 05
In 2016, a team of American scientists conducted an interesting experiment. They gathered a group of students and set them the task of making new acquaintances over a certain period of time. To start with, each participant in the experiment underwent a medical examination.

The results were very interesting:

  1. New acquaintances had a positive impact not only on the psycho-emotional, but also physical health of the participants.
  2. Many managed to overcome their anxieties during the experiment.
  3. Most of the students reported feeling inner harmony through meeting new people.

This experiment once again proved that a human is a very socially dependent being. And that it is critically important for us to constantly expand our circle of acquaintances, and not to close in on ourselves. But then a logical question arises: how and where to get acquainted in the modern world?

Dating sites are effective only with the right approach

If you use a dating site solely to find interesting chat partners and new friends, then there are no special rules. Choose any site you like, register an account, meet, chat and have a good time. By and large, any site or application with a lot of users will suit you.

However, if you have a more specific goal — to find your soulmate — it’s more difficult. The search approach will be different. To simplify your task a little and avoid mistakes, we want to give you some practical advice.

Do not use paid apps at the initial stage and do not rush to pay for premium access

Almost all popular dating sites and apps are free to use, albeit with limited functionality. Tinder, Badoo, Match — they don't require you to pay to use them right away. So take your time. Evaluate the free functionality, study in detail what a premium account will give you and whether you really need it. We recommend paying special attention to those sites that give full access to all functions during the trial period. An example of such a platform is CooMeet. New users have access to all the functionality without restrictions. We recommend exploring it. If you like it, you can pay for premium access and continue using the service.

To register on the site or dating app, use a new email address

There are at least two reasons for doing this:

  • Using a new email address is primarily about additional privacy and security. If you unknowingly register on a fraudulent site, fraudsters will not be able to access your accounts on other web resources where you used your regular email address.
  • A new email address will also provide you with more anonymity. Your friends, acquaintances and colleagues will not be able to find you by email address.

In any case, starting a new email account is a matter of a couple of minutes. Better to be safe. Plus, remember to use complex and unique passwords. Not all dating services are reliably protected from hacking. If possible, use two-factor authentication if it is supported on the selected site.

Choose carefully what personal data you are willing to share with the site

If you are not sure about the dating site you are registering on, we advise you to be very careful about what information you share with it. Email, phone number, residential address — all this data, in theory, can be used by scammers.

Also, be vigilant when interacting with new people. Do not disclose your income, address, travel plans, etc. Hackers can use this information for criminal purposes.

Beware of scammers

To continue the previous point, don’t EVER transfer money to strangers under any pretext! If the other user suddenly starts asking you for money for treatment, for a ticket to visit you or for something else, do not even hesitate, they’re deceiving you (it’s known as ‘catfishing’).

During the coronavirus pandemic, online fraud has reached a whole new level. If earlier only 10-15% of dating site users reported that they had encountered scammers, now this number can reach 20-30% depending on the country. And sometimes even more.

Watch not only what you write and say, but also what gets into the frame if you interact via video. Remove or hide bank cards, any personal documents, invoices and anything else that can somehow help an attacker to get your personal information, even things that might provide a clue to your location (street signs outside the window, for example).

Don't agree to an offline meeting before a video date

Nowadays, no one needs to be in a hurry. If you’ve met a person, communicated with them only by texting, and they're already asking you on a date, take your time. We recommend that you start with a video meeting. Fortunately, today all popular dating sites have already implemented video chat functionality. Or you can use services that were originally designed specifically for video communication. For example, cam chat application CooMeet and similar sites. This will allow you to quickly study the other user, understand what kind of person they are, what their real intentions are and whether you are ready to meet with them in real life to take your acquaintance to the next level.

Live cam chat: improve communication skills and expand your circle of communication without any extra effort

In some situations, classic dating sites and apps are really not the best choice for finding a soulmate. They take a lot of time, require perseverance and a great deal of input from you. If you are not one of those people who are willing to spend several hours a day searching, we recommend using webcam chat.

Random cam chat is a type of platform that connects random users via video link. For this, in most cases, registration is not even required. One click, and in a couple of seconds you are already talking with a new person. No extra steps or wasted time. Great examples of cam to cam chats are OmeTV, Chatspin, Omegle and CooMeet. The principle of their work is almost identical, only the search filters and some functionality differ. For example, Omegle has a search for people by interest, and coomeet.com/camchat knows how to connect men only with girls.

Popular webcam chats are now no less useful than large dating sites and applications. We advise you to try at least a few to find the best option for you. We guarantee you’ll love this format!

Online dating can be hassle-free

So what conclusions can we draw?

  • First of all, online dating is easy. Most modern people have no difficulty in using a variety of sites.
  • Secondly, when getting acquainted on the Web, you need to remember at least the basic rules of safety on the Internet.
  • And thirdly, you should not limit yourself if you feel the need  to make new acquaintances. Because any social distancing can worsen your emotional and even physical health.

We hope our recommendations will help you make online dating easier, safer and more productive. We wish you good luck and only pleasant new friendships!

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