Bitcoin mining is now decontaminating -- Aug 10
Just as technology and society evolve, Bitcoin and its processes are also doing so to better use the resources in the environment without affecting it.

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Bitcoin and its mining process have been notably affected after the denunciations of the carbon footprint allegedly emitted after this digital currency's exploitation process.

The current technologies must be used at all levels; the objective is to improve the quality of life not only in one part of the world but globally since the damage generated in the environment affects everyone equally.

Given this situation, Bitcoin has a new strategy to take advantage of the waste found in Lake Atitlan, to recover these crystal clear waters of what has been cataloged as the world's most beautiful body of water.

Polluting waste in Lake Atitlan

To have a general perspective of what is happening concerning this natural wonder located in the southwest of Guatemala, surrounded by small towns that highlight the characteristics of the indigenous culture of the Mayans and the exotic volcanoes, which make it a tourist area where people from all over the world take refuge.

Thanks to the effect produced by the wastewater that flows into these waters, managing deteriorates the ecosystem generally, where nature and the species that take refuge there are collapsing and disappearing.

All this is due to the increase in the population in the area and the lack of drainage in the area that allows waste to be diverted by sewage without leaving aside the matter of contamination by solid and chemical waste.

The lake is already in an alarming phase that worries its population, generating an environmental alert; in this scenario, Bitcoin mining and Lake Bitcoin's proposal to take advantage of all these polluting resources to generate renewable energy has emerged.

Through this project, it would be possible to contribute to the cleaning of the lake, recovery of the environment, and, of course, the use of renewable electricity generation for mining operations.

Electrical energy for Bitcoin based on waste

A multidisciplinary team of researchers and scientists is involved in this new project to generate electricity through the use of polluting waste.

This time it contributes to recovering a tourist space in Latin America. Still, if you obtain positive effects, you would be facing the solution of the contamination of many natural areas and for the benefit of Bitcoin mining.

The project is based on the use of biogas energy, considering this resource as the salvation of Lake Atitlan; this process would be carried out through the collection of organic waste.

Through the use of digesters of considerable size, it would be possible to produce methane gas in the amount necessary for the mining equipment to function correctly.

Another aspect to consider is that electricity could be generated for Bitcoin miners using organic waste from crops or animal waste found in slaughterhouses.

This project intends to create a refuge for Bitcoin miners in this area, encouraging this sector as a possible generator of profitable income for the community.

Biodigester tanks were previously installed in the area, reaching an investment of more than 3,000 dollars. Still, they were never used, so there is a base with which the project can be directed.

Bitcoin and renewable energy

It is noteworthy that after the intense criticism of the Bitcoin mining process, many proposals have been created that contribute to the best use of electrical energy by controlling the effect it generates, even with the participation of institutions that protect the environment.

Bitcoin mining has recently stood out for reducing its polluting effect by adopting renewable energies to develop cryptocurrency mining activities, making them efficient and sustainable.

The adoption percentage of this type of energy resource is close to 60%, a very positive value since the carbon footprint that is produced contributes to the increase in the greenhouse effect and this, in turn, causes damage on a global level.


It is necessary to raise awareness not only at the Bitcoin mining level but also at the industrial level; everything is a complement just as everything can point to significant improvements in one sector, another can worsen the situation, achieve a consensus between the parties that cause a high impact in the environment would contribute to generating more efficient policies and strategies for it. In Bitcoin-Prime trading system, you will find more exciting data

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