New evacuation plan released in case Mount Fuji erupts

【富士山噴火】新たな避難計画を承認 噴火前の避難も 山梨・静岡などの協議会

NHK -- Mar 30
Mount Fuji has not erupted in more than 300 years, but Japan has a new strategy in case an eruption is imminent.

A major blowup could prove catastrophic for neighboring communities and also paralyze daily life in Tokyo and beyond.

The evacuation plan was unveiled on Wednesday. It was developed by three prefectures along with the central government.

About 800,000 people living in Shizuoka, Yamanashi and Kanagawa Prefectures would be subject to evacuation. The plan aims to leave no one behind, including climbers and tourists around Japan's highest peak.

People will be asked to voluntarily evacuate well before a potential eruption, depending on the alert level and their location at the time.

Volcanic ash could travel as far as central Tokyo, depending on weather conditions. The ash could also cause road closures, crippling freight transportation and significantly impacting commerce.

The plan asks people to stay indoors to avoid the ash, and ensure they have enough food and water on hand to last for at least a week. ...continue reading

Mar 30 (ANNnewsCH) - 富士山が噴火した際の対応を巡り、周辺の自治体などは火山活動が高まった際に被害が想定される地域の新たな避難計画を承認しました。  ...continue reading

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