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Red Cross eyes using Japan AI to detect landmines in Ukraine

abs-cbn.com -- Jul 27
The International Committee of the Red Cross seeks to utilize Japan-developed artificial intelligence technology to speed up the detection of landmines and dud munitions in war-torn areas including Ukraine so displaced people can return home sooner.

In a three-year collaboration with a Japanese expert as well as the country's electronics giant NEC Corp., the Red Cross has developed a system involving drones and AI-aided equipment that can improve its own image analysis capability by learning about its surroundings.

The system will be particularly useful in countries such as Ethiopia and Ukraine, which have experienced heavy contamination from anti-personnel weapons, ICRC President Mirjana Spoljaric said.

Erik Tollefsen, head of the committee's weapon contamination unit, said, "In one day, the flying machine can do the work of a dog in six months." ...continue reading

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