Huge fun on Japan's tiny Enoshima Island -- Sep 04

Enoshima Island, near the old samurai capital of Kamakura, is a must-see for tourists visiting the area.

The small island of about 3 miles in circumference is home to a modern yacht harbor and beautiful beach and sea, offering various marine sports opportunities. The scenic and historical location attracts tourists year-round.

The island served as the venue for sailing competitions during the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, and again will be the site for the competitions of the 2020 Olympics. During our visit in early June, preparations were underway, which included a beach clean-up event and construction of structures for the Games.

Beyond being a popular beach destination, Enoshima’s island has been considered a holy place and a power spot since ancient times. Enoshima Shrine is believed to bring visitors happiness and fortune, along with progress in arts and studies. Interestingly, the shrine itself is made up of three separate shrines, one each for three sister goddesses, Hetsu-no-miya, Nakatsu-miya and Okutsu-no-miya. To visit the three shrines, pilgrims must visit the entire island as they are scattered throughout. ...continue reading