Struggle inside ramen shop on night of murder

TOKYO, Sep 17 (News On Japan) - Evidence has emerged of a struggle inside a ramen shop in Yokohama where the manager was found stabbed to death with a knife on Friday night.

The shop manager, Hiroki Ohashi (33), was found dead, having been stabbed multiple times in the abdomen, back, and other areas with a knife.

According to reports, Ohashi had collapsed near the seating area, and evidence of a struggle inside the shop was discovered.

Another male employee was working at the shop in addition to Ohashi.

The shop was open for regular business from 11 AM on Friday morning, but in the evening, shortly after 7 PM when relatives visited the shop, the shutter was closed, and a sign saying "Temporary Closure" was displayed.

The police are treating the incident as a murder case.