Student faces arrest for using AI to create erotic images of female athletes

TOKYO, Nov 07 (News On Japan) - A male university student in his 20s has been referred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of defamation for allegedly posting on social media lewd images that he edited using AI technology from photos of a female track and field athlete.

According to investigators, the male university student in his 20s from Aichi Prefecture is suspected of damaging the reputation of a female track and field athlete in her 20s by posting erotic images he created by editing her photos on SNS in March this year.

The male student reportedly used an AI technology known as "deepfake" to edit a photo of the female athlete in her uniform, making her upper body appear naked.

Upon investigation, the male student admitted to the allegations, saying he did it "to satisfy his own desires."

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is looking into the possibility that the male student edited photos of approximately 70 individuals and posted about 100 obscene images.

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