Ohtani to donate 60,000 baseball gloves to elementary schools across Japan

NHK -- Nov 09

Japanese Major League baseball star Ohtani Shohei says he plans to donate 60,000 gloves to elementary schools across Japan.

The two-way player announced his plan on Instagram in Japanese and English, with an image of a glove and himself playing catch. An accompanying message in Japanese says, "Let's play baseball!"

Ohtani says he will be donating approximately 60,000 gloves to all the 20,000 or so elementary schools in Japan.

Ohtani writes, "I'm hoping the kids can spend their days happily with a lot of energy through baseball."

He goes on, "I'll be looking forward to sharing the field one day with someone that grew up using this glove!"

A sporting goods maker with which Ohtani has a contract says two gloves for right-handers and one for left-handers will be sent to each school from December through March. ...continue reading

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