Dodgy tutoring school owner arrested for fraud

OSAKA, Nov 12 (News On Japan) - A 48-year-old man who runs a tutoring school in Osaka has been arrested and charged for swindling 8.5 million yen in cash from a student's mother under the pretext of investment funds.

The accused scammer told the mother of a child attending the school that, "investment is needed to incorporate the group," deceived her out of 8.52 million yen in December, 2021.

The mother reported the fraud, with the accused admitting during questioning after his arrest that he used the money for gambling.

The con artist is also suspected of having swindled over 100 million yen from about 20 other parents and coaches of the soccer school he runs, by claiming he needed money for "legal defense costs" and "tax measures." The police are continuing their investigation.