Russian diplomats ratchet up record unpaid parking fines in Japan

TOKYO, Nov 23 (News On Japan) - Russians continue to be the worst offenders among cars with foreign diplomatic number plates when it comes to not paying off parking fines in Japan.

According to a country-wise list obtained by FNN through a freedom of information request from the National Police Agency, under the diplomatic immunity provided by the Vienna Convention, the number of unpaid parking fines by diplomatic vehicles that have been ignored for five years thus reaching the statute of limitations, has continued to see Russia as the worst culprit. In fiscal 2022, Russia accounted for 2,338 cases, or 59% of the total, an increase from 46% in 2021.

China, which had the second-highest number, reduced its cases from 638 to 246, less than half. Kazakhstan ranked third, followed by Egypt, Iran, and Ukraine.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates, which had been among the top 20 worst, made all payments and for the first time reported '0 cases'.

Following a series of reports by FNN, the payment of parking violations by most countries has significantly improved over the years, while Russia's delinquency continues unabated.