Northern Japan hit by heavy snowfall

TOKYO, Nov 25 (News On Japan) - The strongest cold snap of the season has brought a dramatic drop in temperatures to northern Japan, where snow began falling Friday morning, with up to 50 cm expected in Hokkaido and Tohoku by Saturday evening, and a chance of blizzards.

The cold snap will peak Saturday, with snow forecast in northern Japan, Hokuriku, and Sea of Japan side of western Japan. Vigilance is needed for potential heavy snowfall and severe blizzards, particularly in northern Japan.

Tokyo hit a high of 24.2°C on Thursday, but will plummet to 7°C by Saturday morning, a temperature drop of 17.2°C.

The coming week will see a mix of autumn and winter temperatures. Warmer weather is expected at the beginning of the week, with temperatures exceeding 20°C on Tuesday. However, strong cold air is expected to return later in the week.

The Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture, known as a wintering spot for swans, has witnessed the start of the swans' "northward migration" about three weeks earlier than usual. The birds are leaving for their breeding grounds in Russia and other locations.

Hankyu Railways announced on the 26th that it will introduce a reserved seating service on the Kyoto Line starting this July.

Visiting Japan is on a lot of people’s bucket list due to the culture, the busy city, and sights to see in every direction you turn. It’s a never ending adventure whilst in Japan, and one you could spend forever there and still not visit every location.

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