Japan universities free for households with 3 or more children starting 2025, no income limit

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TOKYO, Dec 07 (News On Japan) - In an effort to boost persistent low birth rates, Japan's government has released a policy offering tuition-free university education to all families with three or more children, effective from fiscal 2025.

As a measure against declining birthrates, the policy targets households with three or more children, offering free university tuition and related fees from fiscal 2025. There will be no income restrictions, and the policy will also include students attending junior colleges and technical colleges, in addition to university students.

The government had already announced that for households with three or more children, the income limit for university scholarships, which do not require repayment, would be raised to around 6 million yen per year starting from next year.

This new measure will be included in the "Children's Future Strategy" and is expected to be decided by a cabinet meeting within the month.

Dec 07 (TBS NEWS) - 政府が2025年度から子どもが3人以上いる多子世帯を対象に、大学の授業料などを無償化する方針を固めたことがわかりました。  ...continue reading

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