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Introducing the Latest Shogi Set for Beginners: Fostering Future Champions Like Sota Fujii

TOKYO, Feb 05 (News On Japan) - The "Study Shogi" beginner's shogi set is now available for purchase on Rakuten for 4,950 yen ⇒ 3,920 yen (tax included). This is the shogi set that even the young Shogi sensation, Sota Fujii Ryuo & Meijin, reportedly used as a child, designed for beginners to easily start playing and quickly learn the rules while having fun.

It is also an ideal educational toy for children aged 5 and up, helping to cultivate flexible thinking and concentration! It is, of course, perfect for anyone who wants to learn shogi. Learn shogi with this set and aim to become the future Sota Fujii Ryuo & Meijin! Note that there is also a product called "NEW Study Shogi" from the same publisher, KUMON, but be aware that this product is newer (the one with "NEW" is the older model).

Also, today, February 5th (Monday), is a "5 and 0 day," meaning you can get four times the points with entry and use of the Rakuten Card! Don't miss this super advantageous day! Product Description (from the product page) KUMON Publishing's Study Shogi is here! A shogi set that beginners can play immediately and learn the rules. Have fun developing your thinking and concentration skills with shogi.

Even if you don't know how to move the pieces, you can enjoy shogi right away and learn the rules while playing. It also helps with parent-child communication. One of the biggest challenges for beginners is learning the movements of the pieces. "Study Shogi" has arrows on each piece showing how to move them, allowing you to start playing immediately and learn the rules while playing.

Shogi is an advanced game where you play by predicting the future. With arrows showing how each piece moves at a glance, it helps you read two or three moves ahead. It comes with an explanatory book that includes basic rules and examples of game tactics, making it easy to understand shogi.

Families with little experience playing shogi can enjoy the game and become more interested in shogi. It also comes with a skill-up book that includes techniques and strategies for winning matches. The board has been made thinner and easier to fold, and it now has printed numbers called signs to make learning easier. The storage area of the piece case has been increased, making the pieces easier to put in and the game easier to play.

Source: Dengeki

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