Business | Feb 09

Japan's McDonald's Delivers Record Sales

TOKYO, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - Japan McDonald's Holdings announced on February 8th that its annual sales reached a record 777.7 billion yen last year, marking the highest in the company's history. The final profit also saw a significant increase, rising by 26.2% to 25.1 billion yen compared to the previous year.

Despite implementing five rounds of price increases over two years, including selective hikes in metropolitan stores, the company has achieved remarkable results, seemingly unaffected by the price adjustments.

Tamotsu Hiiro, President of Japan McDonald's Holdings, expressed confidence in customer understanding of the pricing strategy. "We believe our customers generally understand our position. Our future pricing policy will continue to carefully consider the overall inflation and rising labor costs, making adjustments as necessary," said Hiiro.

Experts attribute the success to increased customer spending per visit due to the price hikes.

Hiromasa Watanabe, a consumer economy analyst, noted, "In 2023, the per-customer value increased by 8.5%, which is the basis of the high revenue and profit. However, the number of customers decreased by 1.5%. The key going forward will be how to continue raising prices while creating a menu that retains customer support."

This analysis underscores the delicate balance between adjusting prices and maintaining customer loyalty, a strategy that has so far yielded impressive results for Japan McDonald's Holdings.

Source: ANN

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