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Behind the Counter at a local Japanese Okonomiyaki Restaurant

Paolo fromTOKYO -- Jul 17
Today, we’re going to a Tokyo hidden gem family owned, father and son Okonomiyaki Teppanyaki restaurant, called Saya in Sendagaya Tokyo.

The restaurant was opened 27 years ago, and Yusuke, the owner’s son, runs the shop these days with plans to carry on the family business in the future. In the morning he first prepares the Osakayaki, an osaka style okonomiyaki which takes about 30 minutes to cook. It’s a popular dish that many customers order so he starts cooking it in advance to minimize customer wait times. Okonomiyaki itself is a Japanese-style pancake. It’s usually made with flour, eggs, yam, cabbage, and any other proteins as one prefers and it’s often flavored with dashi. It’s eaten as a meal or snack in Japan. It appears simple and easy enough to make but even slight differences in how it’s cooked and the ratio of the ingredients used can quickly yield an inconsistent dish. Only a true chef can create a consistent okonomiyaki that their customers can come to enjoy time after time. And hence why each okonomiyaki restaurant is unique in itself. ...continue reading

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