Teacher admits adding bleach to school lunch

TOKYO, Sep 18 (News On Japan) - A 24-year-old female teacher at an elementary school in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture, has been arrested for adding bleach to a school lunch curry.

Ayana Hanzawa was arrested on suspicion of adding chlorine bleach to school lunch curry while it was sitting in the school corridor on the 3rd floor of the school where she worked before being served around noon on Thursday.

According to police, when a student opened the lid to serve curry for about 20 people, a strange smell emanated from inside. The teacher confirmed the curry had a chlorine smell.

In response to the situation, the principal gathered all homeroom teachers, however, Hanzawa did not appear. Following that, the principal found and interviewed Hanzawa who admitted she had put bleach in the curry.

Hanzawa told the police that she had brought bleach in her bag, and there was a bag that smelled like chlorine on the veranda next to her classroom. It is believed that about half a liter of bleach was added to the curry which was not eaten by the students.

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