Effective Marketing Strategy for Canna Businesses in 2022

newsonjapan.com -- Sep 20

It seems like everyone’s got a list of marketing strategies they are implementing for 2022.

There’s so much more than just marketing to consider, especially in the cannabis world.

When you combine marketing strategies and promotions, you can expect your business to grow and expand. Here are a few approaches that will rock the business in the coming years.

#1 – Create a Website

It is critically important to create a site to introduce your company properly to the market. And this is where a professional SEO agency for cannabis companies will come to the rescue. Let us provide more context to it. When the internet was in its infancy, the average person used print media and radio to stay connected to news and trends. As of 2020, nearly 40 percent of millennials use technology for news consumption. You can expect this number to increase for the next generation of cannabis consumers.

According to research, 90 percent of cannabis consumers want to find dispensaries online. Therefore, it is critically significant for you to make your site as user-friendly as possible. But that’s far from the only thing you need to pay attention to.

There are so many things you need to consider when creating a website. First of all, you need to find what kind of website will best serve your target audience. You have the choice between a website for a local dispensary and a website for a medical cannabis patient. A medical cannabis patient can typically access the website when they need cannabis-based medical products, which should be the focus of your website. To make your site convert at a high level, you need to evaluate your target audience, as well as their interests and needs before creating a site or a web shop, do keyword research, and create high-value content.

Another consideration you need to make when building your site is to ensure your visitors have the best experience. It’s easy to get lost in lots of information and products when browsing the website for the first time. So you want to create a site that will help visitors find exactly what they are looking for.

You should also consider how your site works well for mobile users. According to a report from Data Reportal, 53.5 percent of people spend all their online time using mobile devices. That means you’ll need to ensure your site looks great for mobile devices, regardless of their screen size.

#2 – Create Mobile Landing Pages for Your Dispensary

As we have already mentioned, you need to have a mobile-friendly website to market your business properly. And there is nothing better than creating mobile landing pages for your dispensary. They serve as lead magnets, convert at a high rate, and can bring a lot of traffic to your site. To get the maximum out of a mobile landing page, you need to ensure that its UX and content are well-thought-out. Apart from that, we recommend that you use a sitewide search when creating a mobile landing page. This feature will help you ensure a smooth user journey.

#3 – Create an Awesome Video for Cannabis Media

Most users will enjoy the ability to watch cannabis-related content on their mobile devices. That means you’ll need to create video content that’s optimized for mobile devices. At the same time, it is critically important for you to plan the content in these videos properly. Your multimedia content should be interesting, valuable, interactive, and unique.

Creating quality video content is half the battle. It is also crucial to check how it performs and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. You should also consider using analytics to make sure you’re creating videos that are most likely to reach your audience. And if there is a topic that touches your audience the most, we recommend that you feature it in some of your other videos.

#4 – Optimize Your Social Media Pages

With the next generation of cannabis consumers, you’ll need to ensure that you’re optimizing your social media pages, as they will serve as your key traffic sources. You’ll need to ensure that your pages are appealing and UX-friendly, look great on mobile devices, and have all CTAs in place.

You should also create Facebook polls to determine your followers’ opinions on the hottest topics. Polls are a great way to increase engagement and reach. You should have a Facebook fan page for your local cannabis dispensary. On this page, you should include a call-to-action that will direct your audience to your local dispensary, where they can easily purchase your product.

#5 – Create a Podcast for Your Local Cannabis Community

A recent study found that 70 percent of millennials use podcasts daily. Therefore, you should use podcasts to educate the next generation of cannabis consumers. We strongly recommend that you create a podcast for your local cannabis community. With each podcast, you should create a lesson that’s related to the local community.

You can also include local cannabis events in your podcasts — they will definitely increase your reach. You can include them weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. You can also create an online resource for your local cannabis community and share valuable information with them. And your podcast will provide a one-stop-shop for the local cannabis community, and your customers will not look any further.

#6 – Create a Local Cannabis Directory

When it comes to online cannabis directories, there are hundreds of options. But you should ensure that your local cannabis community has a reliable online directory they can trust.

You should make sure that your directory is easy to use. You can use a contact form to get in touch with the local cannabis community or create a dedicated channel for this purpose. You can also use social media to keep in touch with your community. With each directory, you should also make sure that your community can find what they’re looking for quickly. That’s why it’s essential to include the location and hours of your dispensary in your directory. You can also include a map so your local cannabis community can easily find your dispensary.

#7 – Connect with Influencers

Most users want to get a feel for a product before they buy it. They want to know if they’ll enjoy using a product or if it is better to look for an alternative. That’s why you should use influencers to connect with your local cannabis community. However, asking a random famous person to promote your business will hardly work. Instead, you should find and connect with influencers who are relevant to your local cannabis community.

According to a recent study from the American Institute of Wine & Food, influencer marketing can be more effective than traditional marketing methods. In 2020, influencer marketing had a return on investment of more than 600 percent. By 2023, influencer marketing is projected to generate $36 billion in revenues. It seems like influencer marketing is the future of cannabis marketing.


There are so many marketing methods to choose from when it comes to promoting your cannabis business. As a cannabis dispensary owner, you’ll need to choose which tactics are going to be most effective for your business. But the above ones should be good options to consider.