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Sansho Pepper: How Locals Use Japanese Pepper in Their Cuisine

Wakayama, Jan 13 (Japan by Food) - In this episode, Phoebe visits Wakayama's scenic countryside where she spends the day exploring the unique taste of sansho pepper and its various use.

Phoebe experiences the refreshing aroma and intense numbing sensation that sansho spice is famous for. Made from the peppercorns of the prickly ash tree, sansho causes a slight numbing sensation when eaten, adding to the spice.

Phoebe makes her own sansho from scratch, and enjoys trying all the different ways it can complement food. From curry, salad to pound cake or ice cream, sansho pepper can be enjoyed with any food to add a new dimension to the dining experience.

Aridagawa Town in has a long history of growing budo sansho pepper which is also referred to as "green diamond". Mr. Nagaoka from Kanja Sansho-en has been working on spreading the appeal of this luxury spice and is now on the mission of teaching people how they can incorporate it their daily cooking. ...continue reading

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