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Online passport renewal applications start in Japan

パスポート更新手続き オンラインで可能に スマホでマイナカード使い

The Japan News -- Mar 28
Japan’s revised passport law took effect Monday, making online applications for passport renewal possible without visits to relevant administrative offices.

The move, part of the digitalization of administrative services, is designed to improve convenience for applicants and rationalize passport-related clerical work.

Eligible for the online application are people whose passport validity period is less than a year and those whose passports have three or fewer blank pages for the visa area. ...continue reading

Mar 28 (ANNnewsCH) - 利用者伸び悩みから一度廃止になったパスポート更新のオンラインでの手続きが、マイナンバーカードを使う形で27日から再びできるようになりました。  ...continue reading

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