Japan to restrict export of chipmaking equipment as it aligns with curbs by US

WION -- Apr 01

Japan said on Friday that it will restrict exports of 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aligning its technology trade controls with a US push to curb China's ability to make advanced chips.

Japan, home to major global chip equipment makers such as Nikon Corp and Tokyo Electron Ltd, did not specify China as the target of the measures, saying equipment makers would need to seek export permission for all regions.

Japan wants to stop advanced technology being used for military purposes and does not have one specific country in mind with the measures, he said.

But Japan's decision is seen as a major diplomatic win for US President Joe Biden's administration, which in October announced sweeping restrictions on China's access to US chipmaking tech to slow its technological and military advances.

Without the co-operation of industry heavyweights Japan and the Netherlands, the US measures would have been ineffective and its companies would face a competitive disadvantage.

Japan and the Netherlands in January agreed to join the U.S. in restricting equipment exports to China that could be used to manufacture sub-14 nanometre chips, but did not announce the pact to avoid provoking China, sources said earlier. ...continue reading

Apr 01 (ANNnewsCH) - アメリカが中国を対象に半導体への輸出規制を強化するなか、日本政府は、半導体の製造装置23品目について輸出規制を強化すると発表しました。  ...continue reading