How Japan 'solved' the problem of homelessness

Economics Nation -- May 17

Japan is a very interesting country and stands out in many ways. But there is one statistic in particular that stands it apart from other developed countries. It is the only country that, despite having a population of 125 million, has very few homeless people or people living on the streets.

Exactly, only 0.003 % of the total population. Other countries such as the United States have 0.18% of their population homeless. Sweden 0.33%, and Australia 0.48%. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the total number of homeless people in Japan is 3,448. This is the lowest figure recorded since 2003, when it exceeded 25,000 people. So, according to these figures, Japan is apparently a country that has found a solution to this problem. However, the reality of the cyber-kaf industry shows a very different picture.