Media view longest 4th century sword unearthed in Japan

NHK -- Jun 27

An iron sword from the fourth century, unearthed at an ancient burial mound in western Japan, was shown to the media for the first time, after preservationists finished cleaning one side of its blade.

The snake-like, wavy sword is more than 2.3 meters long. It was discovered last December at the Tomio Maruyama Tumulus in Nara City.

It was found alongside a shield-shaped bronze mirror. The mound dates back to the latter half of the fourth century.

The sword is the longest one of its kind ever found in Japan. It is also said to be the longest of all the contemporary swords unearthed in East Asia. ...continue reading

Jun 27 (ANNnewsCH) - 奈良の古墳で去年見つかった日本最大とされる蛇行剣が初めて報道公開されました。  ...continue reading