Crowdfunding success for financially stressed museum

TOKYO, Aug 09 (News On Japan) - Due to reduced revenue and rising utility costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Museum of Nature and Science sought donations through crowdfunding, surpassing 300 million yen within two days.

One reason for the large number of donations is the presence of "extremely rare" rewards.

On August 7th, the National Museum of Science launched a crowdfunding campaign, achieving its 100 million yen goal in just one day.

The funds are ear-marked for installing a 4-meter fence to alleviate congestion preventing the entry of emergency vehicles and to enhance safety by reducing the risk of overcrowding accidents.

Unique rewards available only through this campaign include experiences like entering the cockpit of a YS-11 airplane (priced at 500,000 yen), an original handbook of researchers' favorite specimens (priced at 15,000 yen), and animal collection and preservation at the museum (priced at 20,000 yen, already sold out).

Official website: National Museum of Nature and Science

Aug 09 (TBS NEWS) - コロナ禍での減収や光熱費の高騰を受け、文化財の保管などが困難になったとして国立科学博物館が、クラウドファンディングによる寄付を募りました。すると開始から2日で3億円を突破。一体、なぜそこまで寄付が集まったのか?解説します。  ...continue reading