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Japan's govt. to offer grants to AI researchers

NHK -- Sep 04
Japan's education ministry will launch a grant program for young researchers in the field of artificial intelligence.

The ministry aims to foster top talent amid intensifying international competition by providing research and living expenses starting in the fiscal year that begins in April 2024.

An annual grant of 20 million yen, or about 136,000 dollars, will be offered to 50 young researchers who have obtained a doctoral degree in the past 10 years. About 41,000 dollars will be granted to 200 doctoral course students.

The ministry says it will publicly invite applications from researchers, and make selections based on research achievements and study plans.

The ministry also plans to start an initiative aimed at building generative AI models that can be used in research activities.

The ministry is asking for 162 million dollars for projects related to AI development in the next fiscal year's budget.

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