First conference held on over-tourism countermeasures


TOKYO, Sep 06 (News On Japan) - Due to a rapid increase in domestic and international tourists, the government has convened its first-ever countermeasure conference to prevent the negative impacts of 'over-tourism' such as traffic congestion and noise on the lives of local residents.

Several tourist destinations currently suffer from issues such as excessive overcrowding on public transport or unauthorized entry into private property, which not only affects the locals but also travellers' satisfaction.

To address these challenges, Wednesday's conference involved relevant government agencies, including the Japan Tourism Agency.

Discussions covered initiatives such as signage promoting proper etiquette, understandable to foreign visitors, and systems to visualize congestion, among others. Examples of overseas practices, such as implementing advance reservations and crowd size limitations, were also presented.

The conference concluded that previous measures have not been sufficient and, taking into account the preferences of local regions, plans to formulate more effective measures will be made in the upcoming autumn."

Sep 06 (日テレNEWS) - 国内外の観光客の急増により渋滞や騒音などで地元住民の生活に悪影響を与える「オーバーツーリズム」を防止するための、政府の対策会議が初開催されました。  ...continue reading

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