Toyota launches its first ever SUV version of Century luxury model

“VIP御用達”センチュリー 新型「SUVモデル」を発表

NHK -- Sep 07
Japan's Toyota Motor has unveiled the first ever SUV edition of its Century luxury model.

The move comes as overseas automakers introduce SUV models in their high-end lineups, such as the Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

The Century is a chauffeur-driven car for dignitaries, such as members of the Japanese Imperial family and senior government officials. Toyota has changed its model by maintaining sedan configurations since its debut in 1967.

The new model has a height like SUVs and has a spacious interior.

Toyota says the new model will meet the needs of the new era, such as for company executives who wish to participate in online meetings while they are on the road.

Prices start at 25 million yen, or about 169,000 dollars. Toyota's plug-in hybrid system is adopted for the first time for the model.

Toyota's Head of Design Simon Humphries says the new version is a bold addition to the Century legacy.

Sep 07 (ANNnewsCH) - 要人から愛される「センチュリー」。トヨタ自動車は「セダン型」に加え、新たに「SUV(スポーツ用多目的車)」モデルを発表しました。  ...continue reading

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