92-year-old driver ordered to pay 140 million yen over fatal Tokyo crash

TOKYO, Oct 27 (Kyodo) - A 92-year-old former top bureaucrat sentenced to five years in prison over a fatal Tokyo car accident in 2019 was ordered Friday to pay around 140 million yen ($932,000) to bereaved family members of the accident that sparked a debate on elderly drivers in rapidly graying Japan.

The Tokyo District Court ruled that Kozo Iizuka, a former chief of the now-defunct Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, had demonstrated "unilateral and significant negligence" in the accident by continuing to press the gas pedal.

According to the final ruling, Iizuka ran a red light after mistaking the gas pedal for the brake, hitting and killing Mana Matsunaga, 31, and her 3-year-old daughter Riko, as they were cycling through a crosswalk in Tokyo's Ikebukuro area on April 19, 2019. Nine others were injured in the incident. ...continue reading

Oct 27 () - 「池袋暴走事故」で妻と3歳の娘を亡くした松永拓也さんらが、飯塚幸三受刑者(92)らに損害賠償を求めている裁判で、東京地裁は飯塚受刑者らに賠償を命じる判決を言い渡しました。  ...continue reading

Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan are making arrangements to visit Ishikawa Prefecture late next month to console the victims of the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

A film director arrested for sexually assaulting a woman aspiring to be an actress under the guise of acting instruction reportedly told her that "sometimes you have to be naked to appear in movies," according to investigative sources.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of its establishment, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has launched a special exhibition at the Police Museum, showcasing items such as Japan's first wooden license from the Meiji era.

For the 150th "Miyako Odori," a spring tradition in Kyoto's Gion district, geisha and maiko have been fitting their costumes.