'Otaru Fart'? 30-year-old road sign causes stink

SAPPORO, Dec 07 (News On Japan) - A road sign in Otaru City, Hokkaido, has finally been fixed after a local resident pointed out a mistake that had been sitting under their noses for over 30 years.

The error was in the English translation of "Otaru Port", which had an 'o' instead of an 'r' as the second last letter, so the sign read "Otaru Poot".

According to the urban dictionary, "poot" means fart in US slang.

The sign was installed in 1992, but the mistake was only discovered in October, owing to the vigilance of a local citizen.

The city of Otaru had fixed the erroneous sign by Thursday, and have confirmed that it was the only sign that inadvertently read "Otaru Poot."

Dec 07 (日テレNEWS) - 北海道・小樽市に設置されていた道路標識の"間違い"がSNSでトレンド入りするほど話題になりました。 30年以上前に設置され、7日未明に修正された"間違い"とは・・・  ...continue reading

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