April 13, 2024
During his visit to the United States, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida delivered a speech in Congress that began with humor, earning appreciative laughter from the assembly.

Along Philosopher's Path, Kyoto's renowned cherry blossom viewing spot, flower rafts have formed where fallen petals have blanketed the surface of the waterway.

A tea bowl made of pure gold, valued at 10 million yen, was stolen at around noon Thursday from the "Great Gold Exhibition" held at the busy Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store in Tokyo's Chuo district, leaving patrons and staff stunned.

SOCIETY | April 13, 2024
Police across Japan cracked down on a record number of animal cruelty cases last year.

A 69-year-old roofing worker with a broken leg, dying to escape hospital, has been caught stealing an ambulance to avoid prolonged treatment.

Abe no Seimei, a charismatic onmyoji from the Heian period, continues to captivate through novels, manga, and films, though shrouded in mystery.

The sexual abuse controversy involving former staff members at the erstwhile Johnny's agency continues, as journalists from the BBC advocating for the agency to report the incidents to the police.

Landslides continue to wreak havoc in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, blocking major roadways and threatening lives.

The State Guest House in Moto-Akasaka, Tokyo, a venue for numerous diplomatic events, is celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 11. In commemoration, areas previously closed to the public, such as the "West Room," will be specially opened.

In Sangō Town, Nara, an innovative cherry blossom viewing experience combines the serene beauty of full bloom sakura with the thrill of bungee jumping from the Kaiun Bridge.

The MICHELIN Guide Kyoto and Osaka 2024 unveiled on April 9 in Kyoto includes 115 new entries out of a record 440 selected restaurants.

Kyoto's cherry blossoms have reached full bloom, attracting large crowds of tourists, including many from abroad. At To-ji Temple, visitors lined up for over 400 meters to see the illuminated cherry blossoms at night.

Shueisha and Al jointly launched a new service on Friday, April 12, called MANGA Plus Universe by SHUEISHA, which allows readers from around the world to discuss Shonen Jump+ titles through AI translation.

"Blue Lock: The Movie" is based on a Japanese manga series starring Nagi, who possesses an extraordinary sense of soccer. "Blue Lock" revolves around an ambitious project initiated by the Japanese Football Association to improve the country's soccer fortunes on the global stage.

The latest volume 15 of the manga "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" was released on April 11th, where Kanna learns about static electricity, awakening her hidden powers!

Tofubeats is set to release a new EP titled "NOBODY" on April 26th, based on the concept of "floor-like house music," entirely produced using the AI vocal synthesis software Synthesizer V for all its tracks.

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Starting from the Chicken Tatsuta, McDonald's Japan will be offering two types of burgers this year, the classic Chicken Tatsuta and the new product, the Yu Lingji Cheese Chicken Tatsuta.

In the first game of the best-of-seven title match for the prestigious "Meijin" title, the most historical of the eight major shogi titles, titleholder Sota Fujii, holding eight crowns at the age of 21, claimed victory over challenger Yoshiharu Toyoshima, a 33-year-old 9-dan player.

A precious rodent species, classified as endangered and a national natural monument, has been put on display for the first time.

A survey conducted by a group of active teachers and experts revealed that as of December 2023, approximately 60% of Japan's elementary and middle schools are experiencing a teacher shortage.

BUSINESS | April 13, 2024
A groundbreaking platform has been launched in the metaverse, allowing companies and individual creators to open virtual stores.

The first auction of the new tea season took place at the Shizuoka Tea Market in Shizuoka City, with the highest bid reaching over 1.11 million yen per kilogram.

Fast Retailing, the company behind Uniqlo, reported record half-year sales for the period ending in February this year, buoyed by strong overseas performance in Europe and America, with revenues exceeding 1.59 trillion yen.

Panasonic has announced its full-scale entry into the second-hand home appliances business, a move driven by rising prices and a growing thrift-conscious consumer base. Here's a closer look at the initiative.

The has yen weakened to 152 yen to the dollar, the lowest level since July 1990, in reaction to the latest U.S. consumer price index, fueling speculation that the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) might delay the timing of interest rate cuts.