Conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro files reputational damage report to police

スシローもはま寿司も被害 「迷惑動画」投稿する心理は【直アタリ】

NHK -- Feb 02
The operator of major Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain Sushiro says it has filed a reputational damage report to the police over a video posted on social media showing disturbing behaviors by a customer.

The company announced on Wednesday that it took the action on the previous day.

The video shows the customer at a Sushiro store licking a spout of soy sauce bottle at the table. It also shows the customer taking an unused tea cup from a self-service counter, licking it and putting it back.

The operator says it has learned that the footage was filmed at its outlet in Gifu City, central Japan. ...continue reading

Feb 02 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 榎並大二郎キャスターと宮司愛海キャスターが、現場の生の声を取材し、気になるニュースを1歩深くお伝えする「直アタリ(じかあたり)」。  ...continue reading

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