Japanese government shortlists three universities for research institute grant

TOKYO, Jun 28 (Japan Times) - The University of Tokyo and two other national universities were chosen as candidates to be designated as world-class research institutes eligible for substantial backing from a government fund, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

A panel of education experts under the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry also selected Tohoku University and Kyoto University from 10 applicants seeking recognition as “Universities for International Research Excellence.” The decision will be finalized in the fall after on-site inspections.

If chosen, the schools would be eligible for grants paid out of profits generated from a ¥10 trillion ($70 billion) fund established by the government to bring Japanese institutions up to par with the world’s top universities.

The government is planning to raise ¥300 billion every year to provide tens of billions of yen in support to each of the designated universities annually from as early as fiscal 2024 for up to 25 years. ...continue reading

Jun 28 (日テレNEWS) - 世界トップレベルの研究を目指し国から助成が出る「国際卓越研究大学」の認定に向けて、候補が3大学に絞られたことがわかりました。  ...continue reading