Caught napping? AI detects student postures in class

TOKYO, Aug 11 (News On Japan) - A system has been developed that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify "human posture" and other characteristics to help improve classroom outcomes.

Developed by Osaka Kyoiku University research group, the AI system will identify and record the posture of students who are lying down or standing up during class.

This system is envisioned to be used for reflection on classes, such as whether the teacher is speaking too one-sidedly or if the questions and assignments for students are at an appropriate level.

Professor Fumio Nakaya, Osaka Kyoiku University Center for Education Innovation Design, says that "when a face is not visible from the front, it is labelled as learning disengagement."

However, when this system is introduced, there may be concerns about students being caught napping during class.

However, Associate Professor Kazutaka Niwayama suggests, "Rather than using this for surveillance, it's important to consider how it can be used by teachers and schools to improve their teaching."

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