Starlink and KDDI to provide satellite-to-cellular service in Japan

【KDDIとスペースX】新サービス開始へ スマホと宇宙の通信衛星が直接電波を送受信

TOKYO, Aug 31 ( - Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI Corp. and Elon Musk’s SpaceX recently announced an agreement that would provide satellite-to-cellular service in Japan. The service will use SpaceX’s Starlink satellites and KDDI’s national wireless spectrum.

As per a press release, SpaceX and KDDI will initially offer SMS text services, with voice and data poised to be added later. Satellite-to-cellular SMS text functions are expected to be rolled out as early as 2024. The service will also be compatible with almost all existing smartphones on KDDI’s network.

KDDI has noted that the service will help to connect people in remote areas of Japan who are currently out of reach of traditional cellular networks. As stated by the telecom operator, it is already providing 99.9% “population coverage” to the people of Japan. However, only a small portion of the Japanese land mass is habitable, so it is quite difficult to use traditional technologies to provide coast-to-coast coverage.

With Starlink in the picture, such issues are addressed. And with the service’s addition of voice and data services in the future, full connectivity to all areas in Japan becomes a possibility. In its official page for the service, KDDI highlighted that users would be able to achieve connectivity anywhere the sky is visible. ...continue reading

Aug 31 (日テレNEWS) - 通信大手のKDDIとアメリカの宇宙事業会社スペースXが、スマートフォンから直接宇宙にある通信衛星に電波を送受信させてネットワークにつなげる、新しいサービスを開始します。  ...continue reading

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