YouTuber busted for another illegal 'citizen's arrest'

TOKYO, Dec 02 (News On Japan) - YouTuber Koreaki Rengoku, also known as Kazuaki Sugita (40), has been re-arrested for physically restraining a man while putting him under a 'citizen's arrest', claiming he was a drug addict.

In a video posted on social media, the victim is pushed to the ground and surrounded by a group of men near JR Kanamachi Station in September. The caption says they have overpowered a methamphetamine addict trying to escape before the police arrive.

According to Tokyo police, however, the man in his 50s was just there to meet someone and had no connection to methamphetamine.

Investigations are underway for the other companions involved, with potential charges being considered. There are no reports of Sugita admitting to the charges.

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