Food | Jan 13

"Plump and Delicious": Peak Season for Oyster Harvesting at Aioi Port in Hyogo

KOBE, Jan 13 (News On Japan) - The harvesting of oysters, a winter delicacy, is now in full swing at Aioi Port in Hyogo Prefecture.

Oysters clinging in clusters to ropes are being detached as they hit the deck. Off the coast of Aioi Port, there are 185 rafts for oyster farming, with harvesting activities starting from early morning. Using cranes, the ropes, pulled up to a height of about 6 meters, each have between 400 to 500 oysters attached. This season's harvest is described as "plump and excellent."

The harvested oysters are transported to a processing area where workers, known as "muki-ko-san," skillfully shuck the meat from the shells using knives. This year, there is an expectation to harvest

About 700 tons of oysters are expected to be harvested this season, which will be shipped mainly to the Keihan (Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe) region and throughout the country.

Source: MBS NEWS


The first-ever discussion between the executives of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Komeito has been held on whether to allow the export of defense equipment, including the "next-generation fighter jet" being developed by Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy, to third countries.

An origami crane is created using a slender rod. The tip is pinched, and the folds are carefully made. The result is a paper crane, crafted with robot-like precision... with the accompanying video being viewed 9 million times!

The Japan Meteorological Agency is showcasing its new supercomputer, which will come online from May 5th, to enhance the prediction accuracy of linear precipitation zones that cause heavy rainfall.

February 22nd is celebrated as "Cat Day" in Japan, with owners generously dishing out special treats for the nation's second most popular pet.

A massive Taiwanese semiconductor company has made its way into a town in Kumamoto Prefecture with a population of 43,000.